Why Work With Us?

Automated | Accelerated | Autonomous

• Access to our expansive index of Insurance carriers

• Competitive comps

• Free use of our Agency Management System Portal & Team

✓ Run quick quotes

✓ Access advanced quoting software

✓ Track case progress

✓ Track commissions

✓ Manage carrier appointments

✓ Team management

✓ And more!

• Cases management services in the underwriting and quoting process

• Help with case development and design

• Advanced sales teams to aid you in everything from advanced annuity concepts, Premium Finance Life Insurance, Top-Hat planning, Split-dollar planning, Non-qualified Deferred Compensation Planning, and more.

• Access to tools, tricks, tips

• Access to all Life lines, Annuity Lines, Long-term Care, Disability, Accidental, Broker Dealer, and more.

• You will also receive our monthly rate guide letting you know which carriers are currently supporting the most competitive rates, features, and functions to their contracts.

• Direct commissions from carriers (this means you will never wait on us for a commission. As soon as your case is issued, you’ll get paid.)

• Eligible for carrier bonuses and trips

• Eligible for our own “in house” discretionary bonus opportunities

• Autonomy. You will not find us breathing down your neck for production. We will be there when you need us, and we will stay out of your way and let you do what you do best the rest of the time.

• Brand or White Label options. You are welcome to use our brand (brand user agreement must be signed) or you are welcome to represent your own brand. Whatever image you want facing your clients is fine by us we support any brand so long as you are doing ethical, effective, and profitable business.

• Relevance… We are not “too big to give a damn.” We value all of our agents and agencies input on how we can improve our systems, processes, and procedures.

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